The author of some of the great books on the modern condition, Malcolm Gladwell‘s “The Tipping Point” sets out to define some of his previous published ideas.

In “The Tipping Point” Gladwell sets out to describe why and how some trends achieve popularity while others do not. Gladwell explains through case studies and observations that there are a set of common factors that lead to the Tipping Point. Using key persona types, Connectors, Mavens and Salemen, Gladwell shows how these three archetypes contribute the the momentum required to reach the tipping point into mass market expentance.

Gladwell introduces the concept of stickiness that is the elusive quality that makes one concept, idea, product stay in the front of mind.

If you are interested in the interaction of factors that build growth, in the common actions of those that have “tipped” then this is a must read.