We do like what Tom Ford has to say about marketing. His approach is pretty well in line with the Tao of Marketing and he is deadly correct with his observation.

Jump to 4:58 in the YouTube video below, and check out Tom’s super cool style.

Tina Brown: So how does one market in today’s world? You know, a lot of people in the fashion world, the luxury world, are in a state of great confusion. I mean, obviously business is very, very bad. So people are having to figure out… how do they rethink marketing? I mean, how…

Tom Ford: I always hated that word “marketing” and I hate it now. Because for me, and this may sound simplistic, the key to marketing is to make something people want. When they want it, they buy it. When they buy it, you have sales. So the product has to speak. The product is what markets things. Advertising is of course important because advertise is the final design. It’s the last layer that speaks to the customer, that tells them what you have. When they come into the store, if they put on a pair of pants, and their butt doesn’t look good, no matter how much marketing you’ve had, they’re walking out of the store. They’re not buying those pants, so marketing is important. I don’t like that word because often, marketing is used for hollow products that don’t really speak. And it’s the only way you can sell them.